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Clarity PPM GURU


Clarity PPM Guru is a package of productivity tools, including reports, portlets, jobs, processes, interfaces designed to provide comprehensive access and visibility into the Clarity PPM environment.

The value of Clarity PPM Guru for your organization is to provide not just data from the Clarity PPM solution but also information through Clarity PPM Guru components in a timely manner.

Decision Support, User Adoption, System Governance,
Data Management and Analysis.

Leadership Decision Support

The purpose of Clarity PPM Guru is to provide all levels management teams with the type of information that they need, in a timely manner, and in a relevant format. The Clarity PPM Guru portlets are designed to provide project, resource and key performance indicator information to answer such questions as “what is being spent, by who and for what reason?”

Clarity PPM Guru includes several grid and graphical financial data portlets that can answer all these questions.

User adoption

User adoption is essential to optimal system utilization and efficiencies. The Clarity PPM Guru portlets address the most fundamental needs of Project Managers, Financial Managers, and Resource Managers by analyzing the key components of project management including scope, schedule, costs, time, resourcing, risk, issues, change requests, quality and communication. Clarity PPM Guru portlets not only facilitate the usage of Clarity PPM but assist in improving the quality of data in combination with improved business practices.

System Governance, Data Management and Analysis

Clarity PPM Guru reduces the cost of administering Clarity PPM environments with the Governance Portlet Package. This package allows the Clarity PPM Administrator to view administration menu functions quickly, easily and with fewer mouse clicks, and provides the capability to export configuration data to excel for further review and analysis. The Governance Portlet Package is designed to provide extensive visibility and governance into Clarity PPM Objects (properties, attributes, linking, actions, filter views, list views, edit views, create views, object access (by Group, OBS unit and Resource), audit trail settings, etc and provides data-dictionary like functionality, for each object.