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Monitoring your Company’s entire performance is indeed a crucial task. Particularly when it comes to finding value from customer experiences or taking complete control of a company’s interaction with its customers and capturing feedback from its customers to maintain brand loyalty.

We at Excers let you improve the business value you receive from your solutions and help you reduce your costs of implementing and using industry leading products like Medallia. An operational customer experience management system like ours will help you make each and every customer count.

  • Implementation Services
  • Roadmap
  • Adoption Services
  • Application Managed Services
  • Health Check Services

Implementation Services provides structured approach to integrate Medallia making it a Customer-centric tool within the organization and be able to meet Primary Success Criteria.

Provide Roadmapping Services on how to increase organizational NPS score there by Overall Company NPS. Help employees identify, prioritize and respond to customer feedback quickly when things go wrong.

Adoption Services provides proper end user training, show value recognition by defining Success, training on Best Practices. Help capture.

Application Managed Services taking care of day-to-day Application Management responsibilities, improving operational activities very efficiently.

Health Check Services provides Architectural Overview few months after go-live, support changes in Business needs and realigning to Organization Strategy.

Customer experience data is no different from your organization’s financial data or employee data, it is the most important data from which you can realize what your customers requirements are and tailoring your products and services according to your customer needs, monitoring your organizations Set Goals and at the same time helping you with important decisions. Besides, Medallia works with every customer touch point in your organization allowing your organization to interact with their customer in a way that is best suited.

We believe that effective and efficient adoption is the key to success. Hence, serving a variety of industries during the past few years has enabled us to be consistent with proven track results in providing customer experience solutions.