Non Functional Engineering

Product Assurance

Excers product specialists team is so hands-on in respective domains that they are experts in ensuring if the product that you are planning to invest on would fit to your needs.

Unit Level Verification

Being test programmers with exposure to various development languages like Java, our test programmers shall be of right fit to perform the unit level verifications, code reviews etc. This shall help your core developers to focus on core delivery.

System Integration Testing

Reduce testing cycle time and increase execution productivity by optimizing automatize test cases is the motto in our SIT approach. Finding out right tool for right purpose helps in achieving greater returns.

Compatibility Testing

How to make sure one script can be reused for multi-browser compatibility testing is always a challenge for testers which is mastered by our quality engineering team.

Non-Functional Testing Services

To ensure that your application is ready to handle large volumes of load in terms of data or number of users is of paramount importance in this digital economy. By performing various tests like performance, security, stress testing etc, we can support the customers in having a robust product built.