QE Services


In the age where Information Technology industry is moving to more engineering less assurance, testing teams are expected to add more value than just assuring. They are expected to help in increased effective go-to-market with early detection or prevention of failures in the system. Excers quality engineering team shall help customer’s vision to ‘shift-left’ seamlessly. As the team comprises of test programmer who are also ISTQB certified, they bring programmers with tester’s mindset. This shall help customers in embracing change without much effort. Strong analytics driven QA management would also help customers to manage programs efficiently. Excers teams are very agile to adopt new tools and environments quickly.

Service Offerings

Functional Engineering
Requirement Engineering
Requirement Validation
E2E Functional Coverage Assurance
Root Cause and Impact Analysis
Quality Engineering
Product Assurance
Unit Level Verification
System Integration Testing
Compatible Testing
Non-Functional Testing Services
Specialized Consulting
Subject Matter Expert in Banking
Test Process Consulting

Our Capabilities

Quality Resource

  • Resources with rounded knowledge on technology, domain and processes to enable ‘shift-left’
  • CI/CD ready resources
  • Software Development Experienced Testers

Smart Automation

  • Intelligent automation capabilities to reduce redundancy and increase coverage
  • Reduce scripting effort and enhance adaptability by using various dynamic automation tools like Katalon studio

Effective Governance

  • Analytics driven management to ensure predictability
  • Responsive project management
  • Ensure effective communication between the stakeholders
  • Ensure right product developed at each stage of development

How are we different?