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“A recognized provider of Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis Solutions”
Excers Makes a Difference

Excers’ mission is to make a difference in the systems and processes of our clients. We tackle complex issues to provide high-quality strategy and IT management consulting services, enabling our clients to effectively and efficiently deliver program services. We integrate business and technology to drive growth and manage change. Our work focuses on improvements to organizations, business processes, and technology that are consistent with the long-term vision and models of service delivery.

Organizations worldwide know that they can trust PMI to help them find the right project management consultant. In order to become a PMI Registered Consultant, a consulting firm or individual consultant must meet or exceed our eligibility requirements.

These ensure that they have substantial experience in project management consulting, with a proven track record of positive outcomes for their clients. Attaining and maintaining the PMI mark of distinction also requires upholding our industry-defining standards of professionalism and integrity.

The PMI Consultant Registry logo is registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

What value does Excers deliver?

Excers is a “Trusted Advisor” Management Consulting firm that enables companies to achieve optimal visibility across their Enterprise via the Clarity ITG/Clarity PPM platform in order to improve operational effectiveness. The goal is to make sound IT investment decisions that support and align with business strategy while effectively managing risk.

Our specialty is translating strategic decisions into IT solutions that have the right strategic fit to the business while helping our clients visualize their enterprise IT Landscape. We never consider a specific issue or concern in isolation, as we provide visibility across the Work, Resource and Financial Management domains. This is only now being recognized as a requirement of modern IT governance.

We focus on delivering value by transferring the knowledge required to help our clients improve Portfolio and Program Management effectiveness as well as developing capabilities to improve IT Governance competency. We approach this challenge by aligning the IT functional domains of ITSM and ITPM into an integrated Governance framework designed to reduce waste and non value-added effort in support of your business objectives.

Why is this important?

IT Governance specifies the decision rights and accountability framework to encourage desirable behavior in the use of IT. Modern practices now call for inclusion of Enterprise Architecture information when prioritizing and making business decisions requiring partnership with your IT organization.

Excers is unique in the market because our practitioners take a hands-on approach based on real-world experience within and across the core IT domains of EAM, ITG and Clarity PPM. We engage strategically at the executive level while delivering rapid, measurable, and sustainable results throughout our clients’ business environment.

To whom do we deliver value?

Excers is focused on improving organizational performance in a wide range of organizations, specifically those grappling with the need to manage demand from the business while delivering exemplary service in a measurable fashion at the pace of change at which the business must function.

What does Excers deliver?

With proven successes resulting from innovative Clarity PPM and IT Governance programs developed for our clients, Excers delivers value-added services in concert with our premier Clarity PPM partner, CA, and their Magic Quadrant Leader platform, Clarity. We help IT Leadership reliably achieve desired operating margins in the midst of today’s uncertainties.

Not a “one size fits all” consulting company, Excers is a collective group of Change Agents, Senior Consultants, and Technology leaders committed to helping companies move swiftly from theoretical models to live and actionable operations.

Our commitment to you

With Excers, clients receive the tools, processes, and knowledge transfer needed to achieve sustainable business performance goals, accelerate the attainment of benchmark-level quality, and improve their competitive position.