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The Excers Story

Its about 10 years of establishment with a mission, a mission to help companies gain real, measurable business value from their implementation of leading technology solutions. This simple, but powerful conviction inspired the establishment of Excers in the year 2010 in Houston, Texas and drives everything we do.

We are headquartered in Dallas, TX along with professionals who believe in excellent customer service and achieving the highest level of technology competencies. This is exactly why we have grown over the years, having operations in North America, Europe, and India with a team who made this happen, and our customers who confided in us and expressed their contentment towards our efficient services.

  • Founded in May 2010
    in Houston, Texas



Our work ethics and work values are based on principles such as

What makes us different?

We know how to make technology work for you and how to keep your technology costs to a minimum. Let us help you improve the business value you receive from your technology solutions and help you reduce your costs of implementing and using industry leading products from CA Technologies, Axway, SmartSphere, SAP Business Objects and Kronos.

Excers is a company of professionals who believe in excellent customer service and achieving the highest level of technology competencies. Our mission is to help companies gain real, measureable business value from their implementation of leading technology solutions in the areas of Project Portfolio Management, Business to Business Integration, Workforce Management, and Enterprise Architecture. Our customers have come to rely on us to help them maximize their technology solution through focused, results driven consulting services.


    The Excers360 approach to Assessments, Waterfall and Agile Implementations and Managed Services utilizes our extensive experience and library of reusable components and training sessions developed over many successful customer projects.


    Working side by side with your team, we are able to provide relevant knowledge transfer and effective training and mentoring to your end users.


    Our very competitive rates, our flexible onsite/offsite/remote staffing models and our phased approach ensure that your project costs will align with your budget expectations.

Why Excers?

  • Assessments
  • Advisory Serviceswhy
  • Implementations
  • Technical Services
  • Organization Change
  • Application Managed Services

Our maturity assessment and roadmap service is based on a leading industry analyst model supplemented with our own practical experience. We can help you assess the effectiveness of both your current Clarity PPM installation and your utilization against originally mandated functional objectives to extract maximum value from your investment and return dividends to the business.

Let us use our knowledge, expertise and experience to advise your Business and IT leadership teams on both conceptual new performance improvement initiatives as well as established programs that may have stalled or fallen out of alignment with original business drivers.

Whether you are implementing CA Clarity PPM for the first time or you are expanding your existing solution implementation, our Consultants ensure that your implementation will be a success. At Excers we have the architectural, functional and technical know-how to configure Clarity PPM, but more importantly, we also have the business know-how to ensure successful long-term adoption by your user community.

Excers has the depth of both functional and technical knowledge and practical experience to rapidly develop, test and deploy robust Solution technical components. Apart from the extensive experience the Excers team bring to each project we also provide access to Clarity PPM Insights, a library of components such as Clarity PPM governance workflows, reports and portlets. These interfaces, workflows, reports and portlets are based on our best practices and reusable component library to give you that rapid start that you require.

No implementation is complete without proper knowledge transfer to your team, effective end user training and the management of organizational change. The Excers’ team will provide accesses to a library of training sessions to assist with the knowledge transfer to your implementation team and deployment to your end users. We will work closely with your implementation project team, with a focus on these critical success factors to ensure that the deployed solution is maintained, used and built upon.

The Excers360 managed service for Clarity PPM is designed to allow us to take on the management of your solution so that you can better utilize your internal staff to directly support the business with solution and core business/industry knowledge. We provide remote and onsite assistance to perform designated administration, Subject Matter Expert (SME) level support, Education, and implementation or enhancement tasks associated with a previously implemented version of Clarity PPM as well as newly implemented features and functionalities.